Existential Astrological Counseling: The Seven Books/Questions

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No New Posts Introduction to Existential Counseling Astrology---Elements of Analysis

An introduction to in-person and on-line Counseling using the Choice Scenario of Existential Therapy Irvin Yalom and Logo-Therapy of Victor Frankl in the development of a choice centered counseling using Astrology.

4 21 Thoughts on The Elements of Astrological Counseling
by lee
Oct 24, 2016 11:51:28 GMT -5
No New Posts Book One: The Eternal NOW

Understanding choices in one's life is dependent upon knowing the challenges that are presented emotionally and in thinking right now. All of us are driven to use our gifts by the challenges that life is offering us in the immediate moment.

2 2 What are the themes in the 1st Question: The Eternal NOW?
by Admin
Mar 9, 2015 14:26:55 GMT -5
No New Posts Book Two: Change

Change is the only stable influence in any existence. How we deal with change, and how change comes upon each of us is essential to understanding how we make choices in our lives.

1 1 Book Two: Themes of Change
by Admin
Mar 9, 2015 14:34:47 GMT -5
No New Posts Book Three: Cognition

While Humans want to believe that every one thinks in the same way. Many authors in psychology have shown that this is not true. Astrology can take it one step further, and define the very special way in which each of us experiences the world. Knowing how we experience the world with our own mind/brain combination makes it possible to identify our choices in a completely new way.

1 1 Themes of Cognition
by Admin
Mar 10, 2015 12:15:39 GMT -5
No New Posts Book Four: Mission in Life

Each of us has an essential MISSION in this life. We all know this. The struggle for meaning comes from grappling with the need to understand this mission. Existential Counseling Astrology can assist in learning how we can make our mission be us.

1 1 Themes of Mission in Life
by Admin
Mar 9, 2015 14:36:11 GMT -5
No New Posts Book Five: Energy

In order to accomplish our Mission in Life, we are all presented with Energy and Health Limitations. We can move beyond these with choice and will-power, but in the end, Energy is our final option in understanding the Meaning of Choice in our lives.

by Admin
Mar 9, 2015 14:38:27 GMT -5
No New Posts Book Six: Pathways of Limitation

Traditionally, this used to be called weaknesses. But they are NOT THAT. Each of us comes into this life with a Mission(Book Four), and that mission is defined partially by the areas that we should not spend time in doing. Existential Astrological Counseling calls these Pathways of Limitation. To function in this life, we need to know "what apples we should not be eating".

2 8 Thoughts on Book Five: Fences Around Choice
by Admin
Jul 3, 2016 18:37:02 GMT -5
No New Posts Book Seven: Pathways to Transformation

To accomplish our Mission in Life, we are presented with Pathways leading to transformation. Some of us have many paths open; some of us have just a few. These paths help us understand personal transformation.

1 1 Thoughts about Book Six: Doors to Choice
by Admin
Mar 8, 2015 11:40:38 GMT -5

Other Areas of Existential Astrological Analysis

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No New Posts Relationship Analysis

Complex Relationship Analysis using the three Landscapes of Relationship:

1. The astrology of the deep inner needs of both persons, which is the traits of relationship building which each individual person brings to the relationship

2. The transition: which is the astrological analysis of the relationship characteristics itself

3. An analysis of what each of them causes in reaction to the other: their actions and how these actions impact each other.

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No New Posts Vocational Analysis

Analysis based on the three components of VOCATION:
1. Needs for Perceived Success
2. Needs for Proper Use of Skills and Aptitudes
3. Needs for Kind of Vocational Environment

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Invisible Chart Analysis Section

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No New Posts What Are you not seeing?

To see the Chart Analysis sections, you have to be a registered member.

2 2 current analysis threads
by Admin
Mar 20, 2015 15:35:44 GMT -5
No New Posts Free Astrology Readings?

Does Zarathu and others really do free high level astrology readings?

1 1 Does Zarathu really do free astrology analysis?
by Admin
Feb 3, 2016 11:13:25 GMT -5

Essentials of Astrology

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No New Posts Astro*Cartography

Discussion about using Astro*Cartography.

Sub-boards: Other kinds of relocation astrology, What is Astro*Cartography?

3 15 locating area for items with Astrocartography
by Admin
Mar 5, 2016 21:37:37 GMT -5
No New Posts Back to Basics...

Every once in a while its good to head back to a discussion of the basics in astrology: Planetary energies, signs, houses, aspects, THE SATURN RETURN.

In this thread, Zarathu will lead a discussion every few weeks on each of these subjects.

Sub-boards: Astrodynes/Cosmodynes, The Saturn Return, The Moon, How to do it, Specialized Charts, Aspects and Aspect Patterns, Signs, Planets, Houses

19 142 Cosmodynes/Astrodynes
by Admin
Jan 28, 2017 13:49:10 GMT -5
No New Posts How To Do An Astrological Chart Analsyis

Discussion about how to go about doing an analysis.
Discussion about Zarathu's Chart Analyses in Category above.

Sub-board: Various kinds of Analysis

8 84 Relocation
by Admin
Feb 21, 2017 17:10:59 GMT -5
No New Posts The Landscapes of Relationship

Discussion about the Landscapes of Relationship including composites and synastry.

7 76 birth chart of a relationship
by booboo
Feb 9, 2017 5:02:30 GMT -5
No New Posts Landscapes of Vocational Analysis

Discussion about doing Vocational Astrology

by Elixir
Apr 30, 2016 8:15:30 GMT -5
No New Posts Prediction in Astrology

Discussion about the techniques of prediction.

5 16 Triggers For Change in a Prediction Chart
by Admin
Feb 16, 2016 11:40:44 GMT -5
No New Posts Asteroids

Discussion about the techniques using Asteroids. Zarathu uses 700+ asteroids in his DB, but only about 85 of them regularly. about 18 of them are essential to the 2nd Question.

13 100 The Asteroid Psyche
by Admin
Jan 31, 2017 20:30:39 GMT -5
No New Posts About Published Works you need to own

Discussion about the published Works that Zarathu thinks you need to own. Also, posters are encouraged to post the books they think everyone should own.

3 62 Zarathu's Name
by arnott1979
Feb 2, 2017 17:13:20 GMT -5
No New Posts Special Points of Interest

Discussion about the Special Points of Interest described by Zarathu on the Zarathu Astrology Website

Sub-boards: Out of Bounds Planets, Fixed Stars and other far away objects, The Three Liliths, Astrodynes, Arabic Parts

22 122 Ho to find Dark Moon Lilith
by booboo
Feb 27, 2017 19:52:47 GMT -5
No New Posts Esoteric Astrology

Esoteric Astrology which comes as an outgrowth of the writings of Alice A. Bailey or Alan Oken's SOUL CENTERED ASTROLOGY which is based on AAB. Other kinds of esoteric astrology such as Aleister Crowley, and other dark areas, will be considered "Inappropriate". Please read the rules for Inappropriate Posting Topics.

Sub-boards: Discussion on Esoteric Astrology, Zarathu's Esoteric Study Blog

5 52 The soul?
by Admin
Dec 21, 2016 11:03:46 GMT -5


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